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The Max Shark officeThe diving center “Max Shark”  a 20 meters from’ ferry dock, organizes courses individual and private with the release of PADI international patents at all levels, including those for children from the 8 years of age. Le bellissime Diving, favored by the excellent visibility and by the conformation of backdrop, are made on an individual, private, or for groups (schools, club, associations, etc.).
It’ can also dive and do snorkeling During the tour of the fantastic around the island of Giglio with dinghies Gommorizzo.

The presence of a Video / Photo diver will allow you to take home wonderful underwater images and land where you shall be the protagonists.
For more information, including hotel accommodation or apartment, please do not hesitate to contact us, telephone via the mail.
We look forward to Giglio Porto to live unforgettable moments that only the natural beauty of this magical island can give us…
The Max Shark has an office / room for theory, a courtyard with a shower for storage and washing facility, a toilet with hot shower.

The Max Shark diving also has OTSI professionals for any underwater work.

Half Day Subacqueo

In order not to miss the pleasure of double dip, without having to spend the whole day boat!
And carers? Since we are always welcome on inflatable boats!

We have:

check 2 COMPRESSORI Bauer

 12 complete equipment MARES


 100 bombole da 15 din-liter dual-capped and int
 2 bombole da 10 liter single-din attack and int



Diving Isola del Giglio

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