Ponti 2019

The calendar 2019 He promises many bridges during holidays: taking 11 vacation days they can organize everything well 37 vacation days. Here are the dates to mark on your calendar

Easter, 21 April – Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday and Easter grant the traditional three-day break.

25 April – For the feast of Liberation, which falls on Thursday, with a day off you can get a Long weekend diver of 4 days.

First of May – In 2019 Labor Day falls on Wednesday, creating an excellent opportunity to organize a diving holiday of 5 days. If you decide to combine the Easter bridges, 25 April and May 1 are obtained from travel 6 to 12 days and, precisely, by the 20 to the 25 April, by the 25 April to May 1 and 20 April to 1 May.

Mid-August – It was not until the summer to go on vacation as the 2 June is a Sunday; if in August it is not already on vacation, you can choose with just two days to treat yourself to a trip – by the 10 to the 15 or 15 to the 19 August.

All Saints – The 1 November is Friday and allows long weekend diver autumn to pull the plug before Christmas.

Christmas and New Year's Eve – In 2019 Christmas and Boxing Day arriving on Wednesday and Thursday, offering the possibility to arrange a diving holiday 6 days, by the 21 to the 26 December. By the end of the year you can’ starting the 28 December and, taking 4 days off, It returns after the Epiphany, Whereas, January 1 2020 It is a Wednesday and the Epiphany on a Monday.

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