We are open !

We are OPEN from 18 of May 2020,

We are ready to welcome you safely on Our inflatables or from Cala Delle Murene beach, one of the most beautiful dives on the island of Giglio, with branchi di barracuda guaranteed after sunrise and late afternoon.

Or if you prefer, you can practice any underwater activity during our two fantastic top excursions:

  • the circumnavigation of the island of Giglio, 
  • trip to Giannutri in the protected marine area. 

If you want dive alone, contact us to request information about ours Private diving.

We are aware of the great discomfort experienced in the months of February, March and April 2020,

that's why we decided to reward you, with the following reasons:

  1. we haven't increased anything in our rate card,
  2. further concessions for instructors and diving schools,
  3. Special offer, dive in Cala Delle Murene, solo € 10.



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