Your diver education on whatsapp!

Announcements 2019

Your diver education on WhatsApp!

Whether you want to learn to dive or am already a diver looking for a flexible way for you to find time to do any advanced course, The WhatsApp programs Max Shark They are those who do for you.

Take advantage to take advantage courses on theory sub

Follow our courses WhatsApp, a qualified instructor will agree with you the timetable of Theory lessons, so you can participate even if your commitments prevent you from being present in the classroom.

The Messaging application also allows you to promptly resolve any questions or concerns as you study.

The costs of the courses do not vary.

You can take courses in Italian, English and Spanish.

Of course we are waiting for the practical part the island of Giglio!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info, doubts, etc.… 

+393493509999  whatsup


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