Tour around the island of Giglio

The spectacular coves, l’acqua trasparente, the backdrop composed of granite boulders… seem to be in a fantastic dream…It is the Isola del Giglio!
The tour of’ Island is made with GOMMORIZZO dinghies 600 and 700 motorizzati Yamaha 4 ecological time.

The loading and unloading takes place from Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese, and vice versa.
4 hours of fun and adventure, slow shipping to enjoy the beauty island, long pauses to admire its enchanted underwater while snorkeling or scuba diving, lessons and snorkelling equipment are included.On request, we can also try to dive with aqualung air, choosing baptism of the sea or the Discover Scuba Diving Padi.

Hours departures:

June July August and September:
Morning: Giglio Porto to 9, Giglio Campese to 9:30
Afternoon: of Giglio Porto to 14:30, of Giglio Campese to 15

in the remaining months, times by arrangement

35 €

An 'opportunity not to be missed!!!

MAX SHARK:   +39 329 80 22 737    +39 349 350 99 99


 A video/foto operatore will resume, upon request, during around the island of Giglio.

Souvenir OF NON lose !