Boats and Giglio Porto

Why we chose the inflatable with Yamaha engines ecological:


  • most dive sites to Giglio is only a few minutes navigation
  • more speed maneuvering in port and anchorages
  • less roll and less pitch
  • nothing unpleasant odors caused by exhaust fumes
  • respect for the environment
  • more security
Battelli pneumatici Gommorizzo 600 e 700 motorizzati Yamaha 4 tempi ecologici

Inflatable Gommorizzo 600 and 700 motorizzati Yamaha 4 ecological time


Battello pneumatico Gommorizzo "il Gattone" per 7 sub

Dinghy Gommorizzo “The Big Cat” for 7 sub

Battello pneumatico Gommorizzo "il Tigrotto" per 13 sub

Dinghy Gommorizzo “the Tigrotto” for 13 sub












A few steps from Max Shark you'll find everything:

2 picturesque beaches for the first lessons in confined water and open water…

Many bars and restaurants waterfront…

boarding for diving…

Hotels and apartments.