Scuba diving

Diving the island of Giglio? With Max Shark is better!

You can make double dipping morning or afternoon, or Single dives meeting at the following times diving: 8:30 – 10:30 – 14:00 – 16:00.

With the availability of two underwater scooters, we have explored the seabed around the island of Giglio finding exclusive diving spots.

If you are interested in see the shoals of Barracuda Max Shark are guaranteed!!!

The island of Giglio is one of the the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean to plunge! Among large granite boulders you can find all the major representatives of the fauna and flora of the Our Sea. The seabed is rich of all kinds of organisms, large walls, mimetici scorfani, shrimp, crabs, scampi etc.… Even an infinite series of sponges, yellow and red gorgonians, alghe corallinacee and much more!

The excellent visibility throughout the year, allows you to see even from a distance pelagic fish, come saraghi, barracuda, snappers, ricciole, branchi di barracuda, tons, and makes these ideal backdrops for shooting foto e video.
The Dive site “SOUTH SCOLE” is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world: its walls are among the richest life, with gorgonie rosse anche a 18 meters depth, branching sponges and various statues, the christ of the abyss, the diver carried by two dolphins, a beautiful bas-relief, Finally, the point of impact of the Costa Concordia, was repositioned to 10 meters deep, the boulder remained stuck in the ship with a plaque in memory.

lobster in Cala del Saraceno

Aragosta a Saraceno Creek

SUIT: the semistagna is suitable for all seasons, but in winter it is recommended drysuit. For not feel the cold in the summer may be sufficient 5 mm.
Are available Private diving from your boat or from our dinghies.

Molto curioso uno scoglio isolato con una protuberanza simile alla testa di un cavallo

Very curious an isolated rock with a protuberance similar to the head of a horse

A video/foto operatore will resume, upon request, for him Diving in beautiful waters of the island of Giglio. In the first part of the recording, you'll see the best images terrestrial island, in the second part you will see yourself in the great adventure of exploration of the underwater world.

Souvenir OF NON lose !